Brand New! First Post! Who We Are!
Author: Philippe
August 21, 2016
Hanging Poly Before A TextureHanging Poly Before A Texture

Hi, welcome to the forum. My name is Philippe and I just started this site.

I’m hoping this will grow in to a great site with tons of information by members on drywalling related topics. I’m personally going to be putting my hours myself into making videos asked by members.

I currently have a few videos on youtube, but the collection is going to grow into a full how to site. My videos won’t be on drywalling themselves since I really don’t have to much knowledge on that topic, but taping and texturing is where i shine. Guys ask some questions in the forum, don’t be scared, all questions are valid!

About the author:
Although I have done some drywall work, i'm a taper at heart. I've been only taping since the year 2000, so compared to many, I'm a newbie. But I really like my work and I love learning new methods to go about it. I'm here to help, or to debate! Ask me anything.
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  1. Just checking it out!

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