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If it not drywall related, this is where it goes. Got idea for the website? Want me to make a how to video on something? All suggestions and question are always welcomed! Specially since w are new, I’m all ears.

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Hanging drywall is the foundation on the interior walls. Like everything else, one job makes the next, if the drywall sucks, your taping is going to be harder. A good drywall job makes all the rest just a little easier. Taping is tricky, and if you have to fix a bunch of drywall errors as well, good luck! That’s why you come to this forum, ask the questions you need and get results!

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Taping drywall are my roots! No matter how bad the prep is, if your a good taper, you can make it look, keyword, look flat! There’s many ways to do the mudding and taping, by hand or using different kinds of automatic tools. Let’s share our knowledge and help each other with our different methods and tricks. If your a home owner doing some renos, no matter how good your drywall job is, if your taping job sucks, it won’t be to your liking! Let’s Talk!

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Texturing drywall is easy but at the same time tricky. Its easy to mess it up, and then its hell to fix it up! But if you do the prep right, and your paint looks good, the texturing itself is easy! Now there are some people out there that are real artist, and can make insane ceiling designs, that’s not me, but if that’s you, show us your skills!

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The tools make the trade! Without the proper tools are simple job can turn into something the never seems to end. In drywall the list of tools is extensive, but all you really need are a selected few to accomplish the job, just depends what system you want to do. Find out more here!

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