How To Apply Drywall Tapes
August 22, 2016

In this little tutorial, we will be teaching you how to apply drywall tapes by hand with a pan and a couple knives the proper way.

Applying the tapes is very important that it's done right or it will give you a headache in the end. Below are some tips to go along with the video I was able to put together.

Make sure to use lots of mud, you really don't want any dry tapes, no spots without any mud behind it. If at all while you're wiping the tapes and you see an area that looks dry, with no mud behind it, it needs to be peeled back a little and mud needs to be added to that area and wiped again.

DW281When wiping the tapes, use a wider knife if you can, a 6 inch knife is probably the smallest size you want to use. I like to use what we call a broad knife, like in the picture, I like the wider one of the available broad knives, it can hold more mud when your wiping the tapes and don't have to clean your knife as often.

Make sure you use taping mud, the taping mud has a glue in it and its design to have a better hold, making idea for tapes and beads. Make your mud fairly runny for apply tapes, not so much that it runs off your knife. but enough that you can wipe the tapes without any struggle, without wrinkles.

Start with the butt ends of the joints,tape those first. Then you do what we call the flats, or the horizontal beveled joints, you tape those second. And last you tape out the corners, or what we call the angles.

When wiping the angles, or the corners, use a 4 inch knife. A 6 inch knife won't work nice for you, it won't do a good job. A 2 inch knife is too small, a 3 inch knife is not a common knife, so the 4 inch knife is the perfect one to use for wiping the angles.

DON'T FILL THE BEVEL WITH TAPING MUD! Especially with taping mud, the bevel gets filled with topping mud.

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