How To Do Your Drywall Project From Start To Finish
Author: Philippe
March 8, 2017
Tape Your Own

Alright, so you have a project you're trying to accomplish. And you want to do this yourself, your not into hiring some dude to come in and do this for you, you have ample time and are in for it.

Well then you have come to the right place, I'm drywall taper at heart and together we will get your project completed, from start to finish.

So to start off with, I have a step by step video, showing you how to do the job, a quick overview, from start to finish. I suggest watching this video from start to finish at first to know quickly what the steps are going to be. Now each step is also described in more details in another video, this video only goes over the overall in a quick manner.

About the author:
Although I have done some drywall work, i'm a taper at heart. I've been only taping since the year 2000, so compared to many, I'm a newbie. But I really like my work and I love learning new methods to go about it. I'm here to help, or to debate! Ask me anything.

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