• August 23, 2016 at 5:56 am

    This is our tutorial on how to tape drywall. I will have complete videos for every step of the taping process. Follow the steps one at a time, and you'll have your project completed in no time.

    Step One – View Our All Around Video, It will go over everything that is to be completed quickly, just a quick overview so you know which steps need to be completed at what time. Check out the video here to start with.

    Step Two – PreFill – Before we do anything, we have to go around and fill all the blisters and big gaps that may be in our drywall job. In the step one video, we show you what we mean by prefilling, so go around and do all your prefill first.

    Step Three – Applying Takes – The first step to a taping job is to apply the tapes. Butts first, flats next and angles last, click to read more!

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